2.5 selecting, connecting and configuring combinations that exploit the capabilities and potential of Collaborative Technology

With constant developments in technology, the connection and configuration of new combinations of hardware and software offer endless collaborative capabilities and potential. Without a doubt, one of the most significant examples of this exploitation is the creation of the Internet. Although it’s only been around for the past few decades, it’s had a massive impact on the running of businesses in addition to social and recreational use.

The Internet has been revolutionary for businesses. Websites and online promotion has expanded the potential audience reach and has put small independent business against large organisations, who otherwise wouldn’t get a look-in. Email client software has allowed for instant communication between employees in different departments within the same organisation which has increased business productivity, particularly in organisations with multiple campuses. There is also video conferencing which has progressed considerably from being solely a video conversation between multiple users. Most video calling software is now able to exchange multimedia and even allow the users to screen share during the call.

The social and recreational aspect of the Internet has also led to developments which exploit the capabilities and potential of collaborative tools and devices. Blogs are a notable example, anyone is able to write posts and others are able to provide feedback through comments from anywhere in the world. Social media enables instant messaging as well as posting and sharing different forms of media, from text to images to videos. Instant messaging is not exclusive to desktop computers but all sorts of different devices like mobile phones and smart watches, which means that collaborative technology easier and more convenient than ever.


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